About Us


This Local Branch was chartered in August of 1969, with 6 founding members; Fred Missouli, Al Mark, Wally Schrutek, Eugene Clement, Harry Kerr and Art Wilson. We hosted the 17th annual CFCC National Convention in May of 1980. The Saskatoon Branch served as a Parent Branch for the forming of the Regina branch in 1981. Our Branch has hosted two western Conferences in February of 1981 and 1984 and is scheduled to host another on in 2009. We also implemented the first Day Release Apprenticeship Class in Canada in 1985 and hosted a national apprenticeship conference on Day Release apprenticeship Training (having been the first ever pilot project) in 1986. We also hosted the 34th National CFCC Convention in May of 1997.


Presently we are continuing to reach out to all individuals in the culinary industry to educate and maintain a level of professionalism and knowledge in the trade. We are currently devoting our time to the involvement with the SIAST students and our Members with educational seminars to help us reach our goals.