Membership Information

Becoming a Chef Member

As a chef member you will have the opportunity to be involved in all of the events that our association hosts and or co-hosts. You will have full access to this website and its functions. As a member you will also have an opportunity to add your business or place of employ as a link to our website if you provide us with a letter of approval. You will have access to all available links on this website. You will be a part of a professional association that gathers monthly in fellowship and great food. Organized discussions are important for the betterment of the culinary industry. As a member you will have the opportunity interact with peers and have the opportunity to offer ideas and suggestions towards this common goal. A formal agenda will be prepared before each meeting and will be followed by minutes that are available in a secure location on the website for membership viewing. If you do not have access to the Internet the minutes will be mailed out to you. To become a Chef member you must pay annual dues, fill out an application form have Journeyperson status and attend 3 Monthly meetings to be voted in.


Becoming a Junior Member

You may be a student studying culinary arts in a recognized post-secondary institution or currently working as a cook in the food service industry. As a Junior Member you will have the opportunity to interact with some of Saskatoon’s top culinary professionals enabling exposure to new ideas, products, and skill development. The networking of the members in the association makes a win-win situation for any one in food preparation and through this network assistance is available for knowledge or skill advancement in the culinary profession. You will also be eligible to take part in food related seminars free of charge or for a low nominal fee, and will have access to any employment opportunities that are part of the meeting process. All members, including juniors will be able to use this website and its links to aid them in their culinary tasks. You will receive monthly minutes by mail unless you have access to the Internet and can get them off of this website. To become a Junior Member you must pay annual dues, be employed as a cook in the food service industry and have Pre-Journeyperson status.


Becoming an Associate Member

As an Associate Member you will have an exclusive venue each month to showcase new products to a knowledgeable targeted group. The opportunity to build a larger client base is available as you network within the association. You will also have access to this website in its entirety and its functions as well as receive minutes by mail if you do not have access to the Internet. As a member you will have the opportunity to attend all seminars given by the association free or for a nominal fee. You are also invited to share any ideas and or suggestions that you might have in regards to the agendas of our monthly meetings. To become an Associate Member you must pay annual dues, work in association with the food service and preparation Industry in some way and possess a love for great food.


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Membership Types

National Member

Application for national membership requires that you apply to a regional branch in your area (consult national website for details at ). The following criteria for application in this category are as follows: The applicant must hold a valid Certificate of Qualification for the Trade of Cook (a TQ5 if trained with the Canadian Armed Forces 1985) or similar Certification from any Province where applicable, or an equivalent Certificate from any member country of W.A.C.S. You will be required to have been in actual service in the Trade of Cooking or food related industry or an Instructor at an accredited Foodservices or Hospitality Institution. Annual dues and fees will be required for which each Branch rates may differ. They may include a local membership fee plus an initiation fee and national fee for the Federation. These fees are paid annually and, with the exception of initiation fees, may be pro-rated based upon the time of year that you join. Consult the nearest CCF Branch regarding fee structures associated with membership in your area.


National Junior Member

This category provides for membership during one’s apprenticeship or course of study in a food service environment or recognized school of culinary training. Junior membership is seen as an ideal opportunity for young culinarians to become acquainted with their peer groups; attend specialized functions and educational seminars; develop networking resources for future employment and competitions. The applicant may retain junior membership until he/she has attained certification as a Journeyman after which the member will be invited and required to become a national regular member. Consult the nearest CCF Branch regarding fee structures associated with membership in your area.


Local Associate Member

This category provides membership for associations and business that are involved in the sale and distribution of products related to the culinary profession. Associate membership is seen as an opportunity to expand sales potential for and develop rapport with the chef and junior membership. Associate members have access to all specialized functions and educational seminars. Consult the nearest CCF Branch regarding fee structures associated with membership in your area.


Membership Fees - YXEChefs

Local Federation - $100.00
Initiation Fee - $30.00
National Membership - $100.00
Armed Services - $50.00
Member-at-Large - This group is billed from the National Federation
Junior Membership - $30.00
All membership fees are subject to G.S.T.